Friday, 4 August 2017

Wells Fargo to refund $80 million to customers hit by car loan insurance

So...Wells Fargo forces car insurance on customers with car loans, even though many did not need extra insurance, and as a result, 20K customers lost their cars.
If a human being did this, they'd be in prison, but corporations get away with murder. 
It is time that we put the 'capital punishment' back into capitalism... if a corporation commits a crime for which a human would go to prison effectively for the rest of their life, then the corporation should be dissolved, the assets sold off, and the proceeds (after restitution) returned to the shareholders, and the executives banned from ever holding an 'officer' position in a publicly traded company - for the rest of their live. 
Take a few greedy CEOs off the corporate teat, and we will be amazed at how much attention the others will pay to behaving properly.